07. Shop by Department Menu

On the Header of Martfury theme, there is a special menu that directs users to the Product Categories, and it is called:  Shop by Department Menu


To change its setting, please go to Customize ▸ Header  ▸ Department Menu, at the end of the panel, you will see settings for Shop by Department Menu.

Department Text

This is the text that shown on the header bar. You can change or translate this phrase in this setting.

Department Link

This is where you enter the link of your Department page.

Department Menu on Homepage

Here you can see two options: Open and Close.

1. Open

Note: If you select “Open” option, the Shop by Department Menu will not close when you clicking it. 

2. Close

Choose the Close option to close the Department Menu when users do not use it.

Editing menu

To edit menu items in the Shop By Department menu, please go to Appearance Menus Edit Menus Select a menu to edit  Shop By Department.