3. WC Vendors Commissions

Once products on your site have sold, you can navigate to Dashboard > WC Vendors > Commission to view and manage your vendors’ commission.

The main screen will show you the products sold, with columns showing Product, Order ID, Vendor, Commission (vendor), Shipping, Tax, Total, Status (Due, Paid, Reversed) and Date.

You have options at the top of the page to change your view– you can view All sold products, all Due (commission has not yet been paid/marked paid), Paid, and Reversed.  In addition you can filter the view by Date or by Vendor.

If you pay your vendors manually (admin collects all payments using any WooCommerce compatible Gateway), then you will use this screen to sort due commission, and then mark the due commission as paid (bulk edit) once you have submitted the due commissions payment(s) to the vendor(s).

CSV export options are also available to make payments and record keeping more streamlined for Admin.