2. Config Mega Menu

Config Mega Menu

The theme adds some options to the menu item. They allow you to config mega menu. Click the Settings link in every menu item to show options.

Settings Mega Menu item


Mega Menu Content


  1. Mega Menu tab. Only top level items can have this tab.
  2. Turn on or off the mega menu item. Only top level items can enable the Mega Menu
  3. The width of the mega menu. It is optional. The default value is 100%. It affects on the top level items only.
  4. The columns of the submenu.
  5. Increase or decrease the number of the columns.


Mega Menu Background


  1. Mega Menu Background tab. Only top-level items can have this tab.
  2. Options of background such as background color, background image, background repeat…


Menu Content

  1. Menu Content tab. Only second level items can have this tab.
  2. The text area allows you to enter any custom content for the menu items, like HTML or shortcodes.

Menu General


  1. Menu General tab. Only second level items can have this tab
  2. Visible the title of this menu.
  3. Hide the title of this menu.
  4. Display the HOT badge on menu items.
  5. Display the NEW badge on menu items.
  6. Display the TRENDING badge on menu items.


Menu Level